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3D Twin Pumping Trailer Unit

For nearly all upstream oilfield service pumping operations, GOES GmbH has already built a pumping unit. GOES Fluid Pumping Units (Support Pumping Units) are made for various well service treatments. These Pumping Units are made to pump water, cement slurries, inhibited acids and/or drilling, sand-carrying or other fluids.

Depending on the application, GOES fluid pumping units can deliver very slow rates or high flow rates. GOES offers the truck, trailer and skid-mounted configurations for all these support pumping units. Optionally, the units can be ordered with a specification for very hot or cold environments and can be sound-proofed.

For all operations GOES is offering the right set-up of tanks, process piping and centrifugal pumps. All units are available with data acquisition system and remote control.

Acid Pumping Unit

GOES Acid Pumping Units accomplish high horsepower pumping, acid transportation, filtering and fluid mixing capabilities to the well site in a single package. The efficient design allows operators to do several acidizing treatments.

Our flexible configuration with varying power is tailor fit to meet the demands of various formations and treatment programs.

Acid Pumpers are available as truck, trailer or skid-mounted configuration. Different piping and tank System materials are available.

Real-time monitoring and recording with post-job report and stand-alone data acquisition system. Offshore Units can be provided with DNV 2.7.1 and ATEX certification.


  • Variety of fluid pumping operations including oil well cementing, pressure testing, solvent pumping, acidizing
  • Treatments and fluid pumping through coiled tubing
  • Utilized for extreme climates from arctic to desert and tropical conditions


    • Truck, trailer or skid mounted
    • Diesel deck engines complete with power shift transmissions
    • Various diesel engine configurations in order to reach the desired HP rating
    • Built to European standards (optional)
    • CE conformity (optional)
    • Emergency shutdown
    • Various transmissions
    • 600 BHP high pressure pumps
    • Various pump manufacturers and fluid end sizes
    • Hydraulically operated pressurizing and recirculating centrifugal pumps
    • Hydraulically driven mixing pumps
    • Dual compartment, steel fabricated displacement tank with augers in each compartment (optional)
    • Open or closed coated displacement tank (optional)
    • Elevated weather resistant control console or air conditioned control cab (optional)
    • Data acquisition system with operational parameters are measured and recorded every second
    • Heating and cooling packages available to meet all climate conditions
    • Instrumentation devices include a combination of pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical devices
    • Storage racks for hoses, treating iron and swivels

Hot Oiler MPPU

Multi Purpose Pumping Unit

GOES hot oilers are truck-mounted units. Due to several options like installing a filtration system or stainless steel / coated tanks, some of our customers call this unit MPPU (Multi Purpose Pumping Unit).

Our hot oilers are also available as a trailer or skid-mounted package. GOES data acquisition software is offered optionally.

As on all truck mounted single or double pump units, a two speed gear box can be installed to achieve also slow pumping rates.


  • Heating oil or treatment fluid
  • Removal of wax deposits in wellheads and pipelines
  • Various well stimulations including acid treatments
  • Other Pump and Circulation operations


    • CE certified (optional)
    • Cold Weather packages
    • Various configurations already built and field proven
    • Remote Control (optional)
    • Within European road weights and dimensions

Single Pumping Unit

GOES Fluid Pumping Units are designed for coiled tubing operations including efficient and safe chemical and lubricant pumping, water injection, gravel packs, cementing, acidizing and various other pumping applications.  Depending of the application, the units can be ordered as a skid, trailer or truck-mounted system.

Our fluid pump skids are available with DNV 2.7.1 and ATEX certifications. GOES oilfield units can all be ordered with CE marking. Main components can be choosen by the customer, but standard packages are also offered.

Truck mounted designs can be ordered with a deck-engine or with a cost- and weight-saving setup where the road engine is also used for the pumping application. Each unit is available as a twin fluid pumping System too.

Twin Pumping Unit

The GOES Twin Pumping Units are available as truck, trailer or skid mounted design. These Double Pumping units can be used for for high-pressure well service treatments for pumping cement, acid, water, drilling fluid, and other fluids.

The high-pressure pumping system consists of two diesel engines, two powershift transmissions, and two triplex pumps. While using the fort ruck-mounted configuarations, it is also possible to use the tractor engine as the second power source.

GOES twin pumpers are characterized by their compactness, lightweight, high efficiency and ease of maintenance. The fluid handling system can be customized. Normally, it comes with a two compartment stainless steel tank.

The number of centrifugal pumps is depending on applications and varies from two to four.

Single or Twin Pumping Skids

GOES pump skids are available as single pump skid or double pump skid. Often, customers choose a containerized version to reduce noise emissions and to protect from cold outside temperatures.

For operations in cold weather, a cold weather package is included. More than 50 of these pump containers are working successfully in Russia.

These pump skids come with moderate pricing and where also sold to many other countries in Europe and the Middle East. Remote controls can be ordered optionally.


  • Supports different type of well service interventions and drilling for high pressure pumping or fluid circulation
  • Used for high-pressure liquid carbon dioxide pumping, acidizing, cementing operations, pressure testing, etc.
  • Utilized for extreme climates from arctic to desert and tropical conditions


    • Containerized or skid mounted
    • Diesel deck engine / various HP ratings
    • Various transmissions
    • High pressure triplex or quintuplex pumps
    • Radiator complete with hydraulic thermostatically controlled fan
    • Built to European standards (optional)
    • CE conformity (optional)
    • DNV certified (optional)
    • Remote control for added safety and communication (optional)
    • Hydraulic, electric or air start
    • Electrical heating system powered by hydraulic generator (optional)
    • Engine pre-heaters for extreme conditions
    • Over-pressure safety device
    • Suction manifold suitable for CO2 service
    • Various pump manifold configurations
    • Suction or discharge dampener
    • Various options for fuel capacity
    • Various sized tanks
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